The River Building

About Us

What is MCM

MCM Development Malone LLC (MCM DevCo) would like to continue in the Footsteps of The Richardson Building and build on our vision for a Redeveloped and Revitalized Downtown Malone and Downtown Corridor.  We plan on a complete  Renovation of “The River Building” to create a development called The North Country Collective.  

The North Country Collective

The North Country Collective would be a destination where small business’s and local companies can come together in a low cost, low impact space which will enable them to achieve their goals without the underlying concerns normally associated with location or relocation. The North Country Collectivewill eliminate High Rents, Size & Space Limitation or Constrictions, Exorbitant Heating Costs, and Parking Concerns as well as other obstacles that conspire to prevent a small business from focusing on their core competency